Gloss Moderne Vegan Leather Boxed Collection

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Brand : Gloss Moderne

Merchant : Sephora

A five-piece set of haircare essentials to give you a luxurious experience and beautiful hair, plus a white vegan leather box with removable tray. Perfect for all hair types, this collection offers clean luxury haircare for all men, women, and children. It comes with a shampoo and conditioner to cleanse and condition hair while preserving color. The serum and mask work together to create hair that's glossy, nourished, and healthy-looking. The white vegan leather box features a removable tray to ...


Gloss Moderne Vegan Leather Boxed Collection had been purchased earlier in past times. Signifies the product quality that makes product presence and become well acknowledged for an extended time. If you never ever used, you need to consider to find out the purpose it appears long in the store.

Category : health & personal care > makeup > lips > lip glosses

Brand : Gloss Moderne

Merchat : Sephora
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