Lip Smacker Soda Flavored Lip Glosses (304) - 3 CT

View Lip Smacker Soda Flavored Lip Glosses (304) - 3 CT
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Brand : Lip Smacker

Merchant : Walmart US

Lip Smacker Soda Flavored Lip Glosses (304) - 3 CT. Good for your lips.3 pcs. Get thirst-quenching lip refreshment with Dr PepperA, 7UPA and AA root beer flavored Lip SmackersA together in one collection! Dr Pepper and 7UP are a trademark of Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc, used under license.A2012 Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc.A is a registered trademark of A Concentrate Company, used under license.A2012 A Concentrate Company. www. Dist. Aspire Brands/Bonne BellA....


The reputation of that Lip Smacker Soda Flavored Lip Glosses (304) - 3 CT is wildly well-known and the a lot of users of product. Opinions. It is viewed as one of the favored it in the market. Today, if you are still hesitating, check out the testimonials of these product users prior to making your own judgement.

Category : health & personal care > personal care > lip care

Brand : Lip Smacker

Merchat : Walmart US
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