Little Girls Black Sparkle Texture Peep Toe Low Heeled Dress Shoes 8-10 Toddler

View Little Girls Black Sparkle Texture Peep Toe Low Heeled Dress Shoes 8-10 Toddler
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Brand : Blossom Girl

Merchant : Walmart US

A fashionable pair of low heels for little girl from Blossom Girl. This black pair features a shimmering silhouette adorned with rhinestones. Featuring a peep toe style this slip on shoe will beautifully complement her outfits. Man made materials....


This particular Little Girls Black Sparkle Texture Peep Toe Low Heeled Dress Shoes 8-10 Toddler goes up on sales! Why not do to give it a try. And you may experience actually is truly remarkable. Do not forget, the product is not seeing that expensive to make you think twice. It will, without doubt, worthy of buying, we all guarantee!

Category : shoes > girls > sneakers

Brand : Blossom Girl

Merchat : Walmart US
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